Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mana Aoturoa - Our mornings.

From Monday to Wednesday we share our "learning through play" with Room 8. We meet to sing, do Go-noodle and talk about our goals. The children offer ideas and suggestions on what the focus for the morning could sound and look like. Lately we have been focusing on sharing, using our imagination and giving feedback. We always have fun with our friends. Here are some photos!

Mobilo is very popular everyday. The children make cool machines and use their creations to make up adventures. Some "Star wars" spaceships and tall cranes have been engineered by the children this week.

The bee-bot is also a favourite. It is a small robot that you can programme to move. To do this you have to decide where it needs to go to and then put a series of code into the 
bee-bot then press start. Sometimes it goes to a different place and not where we thought it would go.

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