Tuesday, July 4, 2017

More term 2!

On Thursday we finished decorating our paper mache planets. Finally you can see them floating from the ceiling in our classroom. You can also read the space facts that are hanging from the stars underneath. We are space scientists!

Room 16 has 2 people in our school choir who sang at school singing then went on a bus tour to 2 kindies to sing to them! Go Georgie and Sylvia!!!

Learning at school means many things. Some people enjoy working with others while others like finding out things by themselves. Our learning happens inside and outside the classroom. Look at the photos of Room 16 using physical skills to practice bouncing, balancing, eye-tracking and running for distance. We trained hard for our cross-country even when the grass was too muddy to run on. We kept trying to go further and using our "grit". Grit is when you keep trying and don't give up!

Eye-tracking in PMP. Welcome to Anwar!

Training around the track for cross-country means keeping on running!
Room 16 know how to "give it the jandal".

Training, training, training...

Use your "grit" to keep going!

A sunny day for running!

Keep running girls!

Running in our cross-country. Go boys!

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