Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Learning is fun! Term 2

Space: We are learning to name and describe the objects in our solar system. Here are some photos of us playing with the balloons before we use them to make our planets with paper mache. It was a bit sloppy and messy but we got the first layer on and now they are drying in class. We have to have a fact about our planet as well so we'll use the internet and some books to find out some facts.
Key Competency: Using language, symbols and text; Managing Self.

Room 16 and Room 17 working, learning and playing together:  During the week we have time in the mornings to learn and play with our friends in Room 17. We are focusing on our Key Competencies:  Managing Self and Relating to Others. During this time we are practising taking turns, making choices, sharing equipment and toys, using our manners and having fun!