Monday, March 13, 2017

Hula Hoop Creative Dance
We explored a variety of movements both frozen and with movement using a prop (hula hoop)
In the beginning we made frozen shapes using our bodies in a variety of different ways and levels.  Then we experimented with movement in and around our hula hoop, creating different ways to travel through, around or over it. Finally we combined both frozen images and movement together to create a partner dance.
Look at all the fun we had working together and creating our dances.

Ms Donald

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 6 Learning

This week we did "Go Noodle" activities so our new children could learn how to do it and have fun! We had to run, jump, duck and dodge sideways for 
"Run the Red Carpet". We are good at it
 and we all join in.

On Thursdays we go swimming at the pool. Mr Punler came to watch us today. Our new children had fun in the water too. Our swimming teachers are in the water with us so we can be brave and learn how to blow bubbles and float. Some of us can use swimming arms and
 dive under water.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Term 1

Our camp: we tried to make a tent together so we could all fit in. We are going camping in week 6. The weather was too wet for camp so hopefully it will be warm and sunny in term 4!

We like swimming on Thursday afternoons. We put on goggles and try going under the water.

Here we are kicking with the boards, going across the pool.

We all go swimming together. We like the warm water and our swimming teachers helping us.

We used the foam pieces and sticks to make our creations. We like sharing our learning.