Monday, April 11, 2016

Acrostic Poem
‘ Guji Guji’ By Chih Yuan Chen
Guji Guji talked with the crocodile’s  (Harmony)
Under the bridge the rocks broke the crocodile’s teeth (Elijah)
Just then Guji Guji saw the crocodile’s (Milu)
Into the nest an egg had rolled through the meadow  (Nuton)

Guji Guji threw the rocks into the crocodile’s mouths  (Ameliyah)
Under the bridge the crocodile’s were waiting  (Milu)
Just then the crocodile’s opened their mouths  (Lynnton)
In the end the crocodile’s ran away and Guji Guji saved the ducks then they danced (Muhammed & Kaleb)

(Whole class writing with Ms Donald- based on the story Guji Guji which we will see being performed at the Globe Theatre in Term 2)