Tuesday, December 5, 2017

End of year Pihipihinga treat.

Today we went to the park at Savage Crescent to play and celebrate our learning. We had morning tea then we played. We had fun with our friends and took turns using the playground equipment.

Here is the cool swing that takes 4 or 5 children!

We walked back across the park, it was warm and sunny.
Room 16 had a great time.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Busy term 4 happenings!

 Beginning to explore our native jungle during Mana Aoturoa.
Building buddies.

Our beautiful blossom art inspired by Chloe's tree outside our room.

Georgie, Jin and Amber read fairytales to us one day as part of their learning.

Here are some photos of our trip to the Awapuni Library. Terry read us a story and we looked at the books. Some of our parents came to help us walk down. We had a great time at the library!

 Swimming: We had to wear our pyjamas and our togs for water safety training at the pool. Look at us wearing life jackets. It was a bit weird to start with but they kept us floating up the right way! It was fun.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Last week we had cricket Manawatu come in a show us some awesome cricket skills.   Each student got a turn to bat and field.  Thank you for the goodie bags too!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Term 4

Hi families,
I hope the holidays were relaxing and fun after such a busy term. We will be having "student-led conferences" early this term so I'll be finding out a time and day that suits you to meet in Room 16 and your child will share their learning with you!
Sharon Spall

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Production and us!

 Here are some photos of us practising for the production. We had to learn another dance and also how to "dab". We made our own little super heroes and used our imaginations to create a place for them to live.

 We went to the Regent on buses. The whole school went for a big rehearsal. It took all day. We were on-stage then we got to play up in the Regency room, it was a long way to the stage but we remembered how to get there every time.

 We wore our costumes to the Regent. We had yellow and green "super" symbols on our tops and a gold headband because we were the "Super Seeds", Pihipihinga means seedlings. 
Here we are just before our performance at night. We were the first ones on stage and Mrs Spall thinks we were the best! We had lines to say, a cool dance and a chant while our hoop people did the special super task! We also went on for the finale and sang and bowed in front of a big audience.

End of Term 3! Wow!!!


Room 16 love going swimming. After we get changed, we wait for our swimming teacher then we get in the water. It is always warm. We wear goggles because it makes it easier to see underwater.

We use flutter boards, balls, cups and pool noodles to help us become confident in the water. It's always fun at swimming. We like Thursdays!

Mana Aoturoa: On sunny days we can play in the sandpit for our morning sessions. We share equipment and toys, and help others pack up.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mana Aoturoa - Our mornings.

From Monday to Wednesday we share our "learning through play" with Room 8. We meet to sing, do Go-noodle and talk about our goals. The children offer ideas and suggestions on what the focus for the morning could sound and look like. Lately we have been focusing on sharing, using our imagination and giving feedback. We always have fun with our friends. Here are some photos!

Mobilo is very popular everyday. The children make cool machines and use their creations to make up adventures. Some "Star wars" spaceships and tall cranes have been engineered by the children this week.

The bee-bot is also a favourite. It is a small robot that you can programme to move. To do this you have to decide where it needs to go to and then put a series of code into the 
bee-bot then press start. Sometimes it goes to a different place and not where we thought it would go.